Wednesday, November 9, 2016

You get two career choices

There has been a lot of hysteria - some of which I feel is founded just fine - about AI. I consider it an unholy** trinity of robotics, AI and the Internet Of Things which combined, will take away your job. Yes, yours too. And when half to as much as 80% of the WORLD is out of work, that can cause problems. Like, you know, HOMES for everyone.

SO what job should you, young reader, pursue?

Basically, there will be two -
  • STEMM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math AND Medicine) and
  • Creative (Ranges from the entertainment industry to art to fine cuisine to graphic design to multimedia production).
Why do we still need that last one? Why should you pursue that last one, which I guarantee will not be as lucrative as the first?!
STEMM is about the power of your mind. Creative is about the power of your heart and soul**.
STEMM takes the value and meaning out of your life. Creative puts it back.
STEMM will enforce the rules and status quo. Creative breaks them.

Do you like drawing, playing music, writing fiction or doing stuff in front of an audience more than hacking, algorithms and gadgets? Then sorry, the STEMM money may be tempting but you should really be doing Creative.

There's good news: when clients don't pay, you can get money in crowdsourcing. You can get it for a project or even a monthly salary.
And there is a gray area, to be fair. Both have one similarity: ABI - Always. Be. Inventing. The ability to think inventively will be the one skill to be reckoned with (and paid handsomely) from now on.
Product Designers. Creative technologists. People who engineer and hack creative software. Theatrical, film and video technicians. These are just some people who dance in the demilitarized zone between STEMM and Creative. You may be brilliant enough to find a gray area yourself. Make your own career!

** As an atheist, I have to use words like these for their psychological value. We can define "unholy" as "Against the common good and human standards of decency", and "soul" as "A sentient creature's need to feel emotions and achieve self-actualization".

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