Monday, February 26, 2007

What I'm doing tonight in NYC

NuYorican Poets Cafe
The Zinc Bar
The Stone, NYC
I guess this place will have to wait until next year, or until I'm well off enough to do downtown more than once a year.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Vermont in Winter - some observations

Another pit stop to make is in Brattleboro, a hippie radical/bomb throwing anarchist enclave which sports according to Fox News, the most dangerous newspaper in America. Read it online. Gee, you get good coupons in the inserts there....and commentary is pretty broad and balanced. Hey I almost like Bill O'Reilly, but does he define dangerous as anyone who specifically disagrees with him?
Sadly it was where I learned the passing of one of his rivals, a funny and spiritedly honest commentator from Texas named Molly Ivins. She sadly wasn't the famous chick from Texas who died this week, but for some of us, her style and humor will be missed.
On that related note - oh admit it guys, this makes you sad. It even makes this guy sad.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Vermont in Winter - my photos

Dont worry, it's only six shots:
1. Both coming and going, the greatest pit stop in New England is Northampton, MA. This shot you can kinda make out the Haymarket Cafe, who used to be a radical bookstore but still make pseudo-Oriental dishes, juices and lattes that are ungodly.

2 and 3. Now at Sugarbush - some slalom racers testing their mettle on the fast Hotshot slope, these dudes are too fast for my camera.

4 and 5. Some shots of the slopes and birch forests. Be advised the forest is FOR SKIING! They call it the Deeper Sleeper, and to those who have braved it well....what can I say except ARE YOU ^&%$in CRAZY?!

Yes folks this is the trail. Wow.
6. And when you need a break from the deadly silence of rural wintery Vermont, you'll need Burlington. Here's the main strip in downtown, a beautiful view up (too bad none of these shots capture the SIX degree cold, which explains the lack of traffic on the street) This is where the first Ben and Jerry's still stands dudes and dudettes, and hippie radicalism of the type which Fox News can't stop raging against runs rampant. I'll write more about that tomorrow.

A mild foot injury sadly curtailed my plans for Mad River Glen this year, and pre-condo purchase poverty is limiting my local travels among other things. But I'll be back soon, maybe not next year but I will ski it IF I CAN. Yah!