Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Theft Of Imagination

The leader of the Meetup group I participate in, David Negrin has written and produced a wonderful play about the soul of negotiation and the possibilities of peace. There's still time to catch it's run in NYC -- well off-Broadway and not subject to the strike -- on the historic MacDougal St. Players Theater. Go here for info about the troupe and a link to buy tickets.
In related news, Trigger Street now posts plays - awesome!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Back in Business

I haven't posted for awhile, but I have two things to mention. It must be the icy weather that motivates me.
On the music tip, my new solo guitar demo for 2008 is ready for pressing. Well, you know, burning in iTunes and handing out at cafes and restaurants, but still...request it and see if I've got the stuff to liven up a weeknight at your cafe (or dress up your movie/video/etc.) I still have rock demos here.
On the writing tip, my first feature screenplay, The Prodigal Son is a semi-finalist at the Script Shark Insider contest. Wish me luck! My second screenplay is No Prince Charming, and I've finished a full length draft. Like it matters now that the Writers Union is striking, but the point is I finished it. BTW let's all show our support for a better residual and a quick end to the strike!
And here are some sites where I post in lieu of a blog post here:
The Dilbert Guy
My screenplays
I know this site says not to, but sometimes being an asshole is the only way to be noticed in this crazy world.