Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Awesome Animated Clips

back to Pink Tentacle for these clips. Animators happen to be from Japan, proving the scene there is more than generic metal robots and vague-to-overt sexism. Reminiscent of Todd McFarland's amazing video for Pearl Jam's "Do The Evolution" with a hip-hop beat and sketchpad raw flow.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

The College Smoke and Mirrors

I've been off for awhile, now I'm back.
This is irony and hilarity at it's most sublime, as reported by one of journalism's finest. Read her column every week, please.
I can attest to this; I've graduated twice from college and I can't afford my own home. Bill Gates didn't bother to graduate (from Harvard, but the point remains). Your skills at cultivating wealth is like charisma or common sense: no school can or will teach it. You got it or you don't, and the only way to learn it is on these mean streets.

PS Anyone else go to Tribeca Film Fest this year? Helloooo?