Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Esquire Dubious Acheivements for 06

If you're at a newsstand (or reading at your local Borders) you need this. I'm no regular Esquire reader, though its obviuos to those who know me that I really should be. But every year the White Man's Guide to Pimpin' puts out the funniest year end recap of all, the Dubious Acheivements issue. This year, "reality" comes clean, the State of the Union's Racism, and an odorless poison insert (no, not the perfume ads-good guess though). Oh, and the "how to get laid" articles are good too. Enjoy!
Next week - a long vacation post.
PS Now made on a Mac - can'tcha tell?

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Oscar blahg time

My weird Oscar theory: it has to do with the old saw about "selling your soul", assuming such a thing exists, to get what you want in life-like an Oscar. Is it just a coincidence Oscar is shaped like a little person? Maybe it's how these people get their souls back. Shrunken, embalmed in pure gold, but a soul nonetheless. That would explain all the crying. Now how Jack Nicholson got three of them I don't know, but hey, it's only a theory.
Ribbing aside, it's looking to be a good contest this year. The good: go Forrest and Penelope! And Scorsese too! The bad: why do people like "Pan's Labyrinth"? Special FX prize, fine, but Best Foreign Film? Personally, it gets my prize for Fastest I ever walked out on a film I paid for. Full price - well, it's Norwalk's only art house, so...
And for ugly, this years Screwed by Oscar list: Darwin's Nightmare for best Doc, and Who Killed the Electric Car? or Street Fight for fifth Nominee (you know, the one with no chance of winning that we love anyway). V for Vendetta, not one tech award? Thank You For Smoking, starting with Sam Elliott or Lee Tergesen for supporting acting. And how about A Scanner Darkly for Animated Feature? Consider that. And enjoy.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Winter is on!

Just a quick one commemorating January 18th, the first snowfall of winter. In SOUTH CONNECTICUT. I know we all hate winter, although some of us see some value in it - and the frozen midwest has had winter enough the last few weeks.
Of course, global warming is just a ploy for a political party to garner support. Mmm hmm. Nothing to worry about, folks. Just ask those people in that island off of India, who are riding rafts out their front doors, as some islands in the Pacific may be doing in the future. The links off of Yahoo! are gone at this time. I didn't know American voters lived in places like that....

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Is it January 7th yet?

PRELUDE: First of all, welcome to the new Blog, created as a necessary searchable blog per blogger.com. New visitors can click here for my old, busted, HTML stitched blog I will miss quite a lot.

So anyway, I hope everyone was successful in avoiding Christmas as I did (a nice safe topic to start my new blog on, LOL). With the exception of my family's visit and some year end parties, I found it necessary to avoid it all as much as possible this year. No Christmas songs, no shopping spree (no credit cards to spree with), no Santa worship. I didn't even watch "It's a Wonderful Life", being old enough to remember those seasons when basic cable was young and IAWL was still public domain-and the movie would be on as many as five channels at any time of the day or night. Actually, with expanded premium cable they do that with "Scarface" now. Or whatever movie Stacy Keach was in last week.

My point, I think, is I'm sick of it. Much has been made of this feeling by the media, particularly by dogmatic religious talking heads who sound a little desperate to stuff pews. I don't believe in God, but if Jesus in fact had some magic ability to not have been dead for the last 2000 years-and if he were to look at the annual nonsense we perpetrate in his name, would he be thrilled? Would he be proud? Or would he start to have the same queasy feeling about birthdays that I do (a topic to be visited next fall, ykwim)?

So I just revel in the annual family reunion, the appreciation of being cared about and caring about someone unconditionally, and of course-feasting! What's a little heartburn among friends?