Sunday, June 17, 2007

3 year reform for schools

Here's an article from the Fairfield Weekly, who's been on a roll lately with the good articles! What happened? I guess navel-gazing and Socialist rants only sells so much advertising. Anyway-
It's been a catalyst for one of my favorite stupid theories. As a graduate of 4 year and 2 year schools, I'd say the more useful classes were at the 2 year. Of course the 4 year school was film school, which it hurts to say is a waste of money and youthful energy. But as the economy gradually worsens, does it make sense that colleges will eventually embrace the 2 year plan? I think 2 year degrees will become more common and gain needed status to start young careers, simply out of common usage. Parents of the right now working class, simply will not be able to afford 4 years of a name brand college in 10 to 20 years. What will be left?

1. Children of the very rich. Imagine the Olsen twins operating on your brain tumor, or Paris Hilton devising an economic strategy to create American jobs. As if they would even bother attending college. This is proliferated by "legacy admissions": Just because you're a doctor, doesn't automatically mean your son is smart enough to be one.
2. Scholarship kids who struggle to get that next A so they can stay in school.

For the latter set but for all geniuses, the last year of high school and the first year of college will be interchangeable to the point where both will take about 3 years average. Across the board, we'll realize that kids aren't learning in schools, so get 'em out and into the workforce that much faster because the economy needs all the help it can get.
If you're a student, wouldn't you like to be a grad at age 19? Face it, you'll be washed up in the job sector by 50, so that's two years on your track record. Of course, med school and other very difficult scientific trades would still be 4 years. And grad school will always remain for the societally challenged.
And to sweeten the deal, we should lower the drinking age to 18. Enough pretending it does anything but spur the "kegger" mentality and breed the alcoholics of tomorrow. An 18 year old can enlist, fight and kill and die for this country, make babies and work to support babies and children, but s/he can't have a beer in public? Let's face it, one thing about entering the workforce teaches you: after a hard day's work, I need a drink.
This man became a lawyer in two weeks.
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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Summer Fest Pics, Part 1

Here's some shots from the beautiful campus of St. Anthony's in Bridgeport Upper West Side, outside La Mama, where a gala Italian fest went down this weekend. I admit, as a fallen Catholic, I have to take pride in our sculpture (and our cappuccino!)

I left out the debris which indicates that this arcane maze is quite the place to party after hours, or something :) I'll have my usual sniping about religion in another post, but let us simply enjoy what is good that has come of it.

BTW what is that on the left?